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HIVE curating bar.


As a photograph recalls a moment in time and music inspires nostalgia, fragrance creates, stimulates and unlocks the deepest and most intimate memories - 


Welcome to HIVE Fragrance Studio! 


HIVE invites you to explore the beauty and power of over 70 all-natural fragrances. Each meticulously curated, using some flowers and herbs grown right here at Flora Farms! The delectable aromas will awaken familiar emotions, spark new memories and encourage emotional balance and harmony. Each fragrance is meant to stand alone or to be blended composing your very own signature scent. 


In addition to perfume, you have the opportunity to design unique personal care products…. exfoliants, bath soaks, body serums, skin crèmes, hair perfumes, linen mists, pupfumes™ (perfume for your beloved fur baby) and many more delicious rituals using the finest all natural ingredients sourced from all over the world and, of course, from right here at Flora Farms.


Inside the studio, we offer the extraordinary opportunity to schedule a private session with our French-trained Perfumer. During this exceptional experience, you’ll explore the most exclusive notes housed on her Perfumer’s Organ producing a one-of-a-kind fragrance that will be yours alone. This exquisite experience is only available to visitors of Flora Farms. 


For brides, we offer a singular keepsake of transforming your bridal bouquet into a wearable or own-able fragrance; forged to recall your special day well after the cake is eaten. We offer many other lovely keepsake options including delicately fragranced jewelry that will bear your own wedding fragrance….something truly special to gift your wedding guests. 


Let’s not forget the fun! We offer group sessions for all of the rituals offered including candle making. Yes, you can elevate your home, workspace or offer as a unique gift made and named by you. Our latest collection, REVEAL Candles, allow guests to have a hidden message that is revealed once the candle starts to burn. The beads can be removed and strung to wear.  


Last but certainly not least, we welcome little visitors 8+ at our outdoor curating table with a parent. Our little guests will be able to explore over 30 all natural, vegan flavors to craft edible lip scrubs and lip balms made with honey sourced right here at Flora Farms. And what little person doesn’t love bubble bath? Now they will anticipate bath time with a fragrance they made all on their own…well, with a little help from the HIVE.  

Perfumer Bambi Montgomery
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