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Wedding Fragrance

“For one of the most memorable days in your life, 
 a purposeful and meaningful fragrance is deserved"
says, Bambi.

A girls wedding day is one of the most significant experiences in her life. Every moment is important and hoped to be remembered. Fortunately, our most compelling sense is that of smell. Incorporating fragrance as a part of your special day will make your wedding more engaging, enhancing the experience and creating memory recall of the day shared with your closest friends and family.

Selecting a wedding fragrance is a very intimate and personal task. HIVE's unique approach to wedding fragrancing involves and exploration of your desires, themes, and inspiration with our Perfumer, Bambi Montgomery. She personally works with the bride (and groom); immersing herself in the imagery, concept, colors, music, emotional connections and stories that define the vision of the day. 

Once fully acquainted, Bambi translates your story, emotions, private thoughts into an ownable and

memorable fragrance that can be shared with your guests during the wedding, gifted, worn or even used to scent your sheets during  your honeymoon. 

The wedding bouquet is used to express yourself through the flowers themselves. Roses represent everlasting love, Lilac is for first love, Stephanotis is for good fortune, ivy says fidelity and on and on. You can savor the memory of your lovely bouquet by sending a petite arrangement of the flowers used to our Perfumer who will extract the oils  creating a lovely perfume reminder.

Our sense of smell is the cornerstone of our memories; forging unforgettable experiences. Your wedding day should be no exception. 

For fragrance gift ideas (linen mists, candles, scented wedding space etc.) please email us. 

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