Q: Are appointments required or can I walk in? 

A: Appointments are highly recommended.. You are welcomed when space at the curating table is available. 

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: In studio, credit cards, debit cards (MasterCard, VISA, AMEX) and cash. 

Q: Are classes offered in English or Spanish? 

A: Classes are offered with the HIVE team in both English and Spanish. 

Q: If I don't desire to participate in a class, what can I do at that studio?

A: If you discover a fragrance you love, a member of the HIVE will pour a bottle for you. We also have lovely retail items available.

Q: How long does it take for my candle to cure?

A: Candles under 5 ounces cure in 1 hour. Candles over 5 ounces cure in 2 hours. We recommend visiting HIVE before dinner reservations at the restaurant or you can relax in our garden. 


Q: Does HIVE offer group and or team building sessions?

A: Yes, we welcome groups and can create unique experiences for team building. 

Q: How many people can I schedule for a group visit?

A: We can comfortably accommodate 8 guests inside the studio, 8 guests in our garden. Upon availability, max 28 guests, will enjoy sessions at the lovely Potting Shed. (Located right in front of HIVE Studio)

Q: Do you offer special experiences for brides?

A: Yes! We offer bridal party celebrations that include lovely *gift bags. Please email us from the connect page or click here to submit your special requests. 

Q: Are all the raw materials used 100% natural?

A: Yes. All raw materials used in the studio are 100% natural. Materials used for private sessions include some synthetic materials; 8 items to be exact. The Perfumer will be sure to alert when natural ingredients are not used. 

Q: If I want to order more products from the HIVE, will you ship to USA?

A: Of course! We hope you love your creations and if you leave your formula with us, we will ship to you. Please allow 4-6 weeks with exporting.

Q: Are Sacred Sessions available via Zoom after my first session? 

A: *Yes! You can continue your journey via Zoom. 

Q: Do you offer these rituals off site?

A: We can accommodate *Perfume parties and *Enchanted Evenings with a Perfumer at your desired location.

Q: Are gift certificates available? 

A: Yes, e-gift certificates and fragranced ceramic cards are available. 

Q: Are there other HIVE Fragrance Studio locations? 

A: Not yet.

Q: Are children's parties available?

A: Yes! We adore children and we would be happy to curate a special perfume making, edible lip scrub or bath bomb class in our garden. 

*additional rates will apply

Gentle Reminders

  • Please arrive un-fragranced

  • Please share if you have any allergies with the HIVE team

  • No smoking or vapes are allowed in the studio or in the garden

  • You are welcomed to visit our Pinterest page to review all the ingredients we offer prior to your visit

  • All ingredients may not be available during your visit due to seasonal availability and exporting

  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment allowing time to review all the beautiful natural ingredients we offer 

  • We will do our very best to accommodate late arrivals, however, we can’t promise

  • All payments for sessions are non refundable 

  • For groups, we will begin your experience on time. For guests that arrive late, their seat is reserved and we will catch them up

  • No food is allowed inside the studio except for private events

  • No outside food or beverages vendors are allowed in the studio. For private events, all food and beverages will be purchased|provided by Flora Farms. *Exceptions are made for wines and cakes.

  • We recommend cocktails be enjoyed after curating to insure your safety. (One prior might not hurt)

  • Fur babies are not allowed inside the studio. Small, well-mannered and leashed pups are welcomed to meet Honey + Sugar, our Perfumers fur babies in our garden

  • Children 8+ are welcomed in our garden with a parent or guardian

*additional rates will apply