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Fragrance Branding
Sensory experiences
“For each moment of our lives, there is a singular fragrance
that evokes the memory of our experiences,"
says Bambi.

According to a study done by the Sense of Smell Institute, people only recall about 50% of the visual images they see after three months, but remarkably they can remember more than 65% of what they smell, even after a year has passed.

Scent, the sense of smell, is the only sense that actually has a direct connection to our body’s limbic system, which is the area of the brain that processes emotions.

Scented events and spaces are more engaging and compelling. It enhances guests/consumers experience, ambiance and improves memory recall of your event and or space; branding your message and forever bonding your guests to you...the experience.  

Fragrance Branding cuts through the traditional advertising clutter

and has the power to dig deeper into the business of persuasion,

understanding the unconscious forces that shape how we feel,

behave, think….even what we crave. Scent allows you to become

more effective in influencing and changing consumer behavior

and well-being..

HIVE’s unique approach to Fragrance Branding involves an exploration of desires, needs, inspiration and motivation by our Atmosphere Curator, Bambi Montgomery. She translates your story, your emotion, your private thoughts into an own-able and memorable fragrance that can be shared in a home, at an event, in a workspace or on one’s person.

Our sense of smell is the cornerstone of our memories. A multi Sensory Experience, our forte, is the key to a more immersive and extraordinarily unforgettable experience. The more the senses are stimulated, the more memorable the experience will be.  


"It's all about connection for me, "purrs Montgomery. "Connecting a person, a brand, a space, an event to a fragrance. A fragrance that will convey the message....tell the story. That spark allows me to invade your memories while creating new ones. It's a delicious gift I'm grateful to share."


   To receive a quote for Fragrance Branding and or Sensory Experiences, select here.  

  • Gift bags, chefs, mixologists, musicians, artists, florists rates available upon request. We can scent just about anything – invitations, menus, physical room and can work within any reasonable budget. 

Allow our creativity to unleash your potential

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